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Kennel Attendants

Greet every client with a smile; address client and pet by name.

Give 818 Kennels/Stable tours.

Follow 818 Kennels procedures manual.

Walk all boarded dogs several times a day to provide exercise and time for elimination of bowels and bladder. 

Make sure stalls and dogs are properly numbered and identified and that personal property (toys, treats, blankets, leashes) are stored in the proper area and identified.

Make sure each dog has the proper identification (stall card, name tag).

Observe and monitor dogs appearance and activity for general physical condition and discontent.

Make sure all dogs are in the correct location.

Thoroughly clean and disinfect all runs as often as necessary to ensure stalls are not soiled and odors are not apparent.

Wash and dry towels and blankets. Wash and sterilize water and food bowls.

Take charge and/or handle dogs as required and restrain hard to control dogs.

 Use proper restraints and safety techniques when handling the dogs.

Maintain cleanliness of entire pet resort, pathway, and grounds.

Make sure dogs are clean and fresh smelling prior to discharge. 

Patrol grounds, picking up any trash and stool material. Empty trash.

Stock each kennel area with proper cleaning items.

Dismiss pets.  

Report any maintenance issues to the floor leader/manager. 

Bully Brigade & ALL Training LLC is a Smoke and Drug Free Environment

Professional Dog Groomer

We are expanding our business to Fauquier County and looking for an experienced dog groomer with loads of positive energy, superior customer service skills . Must be knowledgeable about all breeds & breed cuts, must take pride in your work, must maintain a neat, clean grooming salon and must have excellent customer service skills. Reliability, good work ethic & a true love of animals are essential! We focus on stress-free grooming and we do not book our groomers multiple dogs at the same time. If you want to groom dogs in a calm environment, please send us your resume. Full & Part-time positions available.

**Mobile Groomers are encouraged to inquire**

Bully Brigade & ALL Training LLC is a Smoke and Drug Free Environment