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Your Professional Solution to Your dog's Behavioral Issues

Serving Fauquier County and Surrounding Areas



Options available are:


This private (one on one) dog training consultation is conducted at the the location where the misbehavior (s) happens. The consultation is 60 minutes.


Consultations are done at the home with a 45 minute meet and greet.

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Dog Training

Your dog is your pride and joy and training is the best way to ensure you stay in love with your dog and your dog stays in your home!

Whether your dog is a newbie or a vet in the training arena I have a course for your dog!

Group Training Services Offered:

Little Rascals Basic Obedience

Pup Proof Intermediate Obedience

Mighty Dog Advance Obedience


Private (one on one) training sessions are available after consultation.

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Dog Walking

Do you have a long commute?

Is your dog living a "crate" life?

Let me break them out with a mid walk!

Options available are:

Option 1:

"WALK THIS WAY" is designed for a person/family with (1) one dog.

Option 2:

"WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?" is designed for a person/family with (2) two or more dogs in the same household.

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Board & Train

 Options available for you and your dog(s)  are:

Option 1:

Want to train your dog(s) but time is limited?

Let me dig in and do the dirty work for you!

This customized three (3) week program is for you!

Your dog stays and trains with me for 2 weeks.

Week 3, I come to your home to teach you what your dog learned.

Option 2:

Is your dog(s) "ruff" around the edges?

Is your dog socially awkward?

This customized five (5) week program is for you!

Your dog stays and trains with me for 4 weeks. Week 5, I come to your home to teach you what your learned.

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Lodging Only

Going out of town?

Having family or friends coming in from out of town?

Have errands to run and don't want to leave your pup home alone?

Going on a day trip and can't your pup with you?

Let me give you peace of mind knowing your pup is in being cared for, loved and in a clean safe environment!

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Shadow Program

Interested in a career in dog training? Learn how to handle and train dogs and people with this hands on shadow program!

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