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What clients are Barking About

Taught us to calm down our dog's temperament, get her to walk beside us (heel), sit, stay, and stop

eating socks.

Sarah R.

What our customers are saying

Once we established the plan, Kelli demonstrated how we should handle our Akita. Afterwards, she gave the task over to us. She taught us how to walk him, command him, praise him properly, and how to display that we were alphas in the relationship. It was a small adjustment at first but after 30min..we all were handling our Akita much better.

The very next day, the walk was totally different. He was different. This was a great experience and we are looking forward to going further with Kelli!

Kelli arrived on time and immediately jumped right in to bonding with our Akita mix. She gave a clear agenda as to what we could expect in this training process and my entire family was able to get involved and we felt confident in what she was telling us.

Sandra Q.

What our customers are saying

My daughter gave me a puppy for Xmas. We named him Scooter. Scooter is a miniature dachshund and they can be very temperamental and quite mischievous. Ms. Parker was very professional, informative and offered lots of tips to help me keep Scooter under control until I got him into the program. We started the program and Scooter was very responsive and I was elated! I learned techniques to help groom him into a charming and obedient pet, and in doing so, lessened the stress on us both. Ms. Parker was very hands on and encouraging throughout the program and I am so very grateful because I now have a little tiger that I am proud of! Her cost was more than reasonable and I couldn't be more happy with the results! I frequently check her site for new tips and videos.

I got a new puppy for Xmas and he needed some training ASAP. I contacted Ms. Parker after being referred by a friend. She came to my home and evaluated Scooter and I gave me an opportunity to state concerns and expectations for him.

Bridgette W.

What our customers are saying

Went amazing. We have come a long way since the first day we walked into training.

The trainers are amazing with the way they handle the dogs in the training. I am so grateful for finding this training. They taught me how to handle my dog and therefore I could teach my family how to handle him too.

Michael C.

What our customers are saying

Kelli is an excellent dog trainer. She is very intuitive and understands the different personalities and needs of individual dogs. We have greatly enjoyed training with her in a group setting and she is fantastic working with multiple dogs at the same time. She has offered us creative solutions and direction that has resulted in our dog being happier, healthier and MUCH more obedient! When we had problems that were specific to our dog's behavior at home, she was willing to come out and give us, the owners, the training that WE needed. We have been very impressed with Kelli's professionalism, friendliness, experience and overall love of dogs! She has our highest recommendation!

Kelli has provided ongoing training for our dog. She has guided us through the AKC Puppy STAR program, basic obedience, socialization and private training at our home.

Kesha R.

What our customers are saying

I am so pleased with Bully Brigade & ALL Training - I highly recommend Ms. Kelli Parker and her associates . They are truly the REAL Deal . The can handle anything from basic obedience to behavior modification - and accommodate your schedule . I am so happy with my dogs now - I can actually take them places and be relaxed and proud to have dogs with manners.

I currently have 2 dogs in training with Bully Brigade & ALL Training . My puppy started his basic training at 6 months and is currently in his 3rd class ( Intermediate Obedience ) I am SO pleased with his progress . Ms. Kelli Parker not only trains the dogs - But also trains the owner . She takes the time to ensure the owner understands the training, the correction process and that all questions are answered.- even after class , she is available by phone or email.

My 2nd dog is a rescue ( 4 years ) and has had socialization issues- he is currently in the Pack N Play Socialization class. Kelli has worked to bring him out of his shell and basically teach him how to be a dog - She has taught him acceptable dog behavior and to relax with other dogs and people. He is now so Relaxed that he will start the Basic Obedience class soon.

Laura G.

What our customers are saying

I have a very high energy and high anxiety rescue. Kelli worked with us weekly to try and work out some of his behavioral issues. He had a lot! But you could tell she had seen it all and knew what to do. Not only that but she checked in on our progress every week to make sure things were still going smoothly and improving. Months later we moved and we had some anxiety issues come back (mostly to a clueless owner not knowing how to handle it) and she jumped right over to give us a hand. Just days later he was better. She knows her stuff!

I cannot speak more highly of Kelli and the Bully Brigade. The prices are reasonable - especially if you have a stubborn pup like mine that needs extra care. She was attentive to all of our needs, thorough, and very knowledgable.

Whitney  T.

What our customers are saying

Hi Kellie - first a big thank you for all your training help. The first two classes were rough, but you patiently and consistently caught errors that I didn’t even know I was making - things started to click at the third session - so much so that a day or so after the third class, Bruno sat while someone - accompanied by their dog - jogged by about 5’ from us - Bruno just sat there looking with alert interest at them- before this would have had my arm pulled out of its socket. This behavior has continued with similar meetings during walks in our neighborhood - and has also led to good meetings between dogs, only one or two others at time, at the local dog park. These things happened just before Christmas - what a nice present. I never expected such a fast turn around - in fact wasn’t sure there could be a turn-around.

I’m very much interested in taking your Outdoor Adventure class - but will wait til September for that, unless you have another one later in the year than April. Do they take place in the Fredericksburg area? Assume they are a day class.

Joy Joy

What our customers are saying

My dog was being reactive and I was getting frustrated. I started to look for trainers, and the first one I emailed emailed me back and multiple times referred to my "dogs" throughout the response, if they didn't take the time to read my email carefully enough to know I only had one dog, how could I trust them? Kelli came recommended. I got a great impression from the first email back. She asks questions about the problems you are having with your dog, (when did it start, what situations does it occur in, what is your reaction when it happens, etc.). For my situation she recommended the Effective Pack Leader package. She comes to you and works with you and your dog. She is training you how to train your dog. She cares about your dog, and your progression.

She sends emails to check up between sessions, and makes it clear she is available via phone or email for any questions. She was great to work with and I am very happy with my experience.

Megan K.

What our customers are saying

Kelli has done an outstanding job with obedience training for my dog, Aeries. His mannerisms, while always , have significantly improved with regard to communication & response training. He is almost a different dog in less than a week of training. I have a lot of respect and admiration for what Kelli has accomplished in such a short amount of time with him. Her dedication and perseverance in her field is matched by few. Hats off to her skills and abilities.

Aaron M.

What our customers are saying

A HUGE amount of thanks and puppy kisses are owed to Kelli Parker, who swooped in to foster Chanel in when her former family could no longer keep her, saving her from the shelter and bringing her to Lucky Dog. Kelli got her spayed and up to date on her vet care, sought out a rescue to help this baby start her new life, and cared for her over the last several weeks, providing the love, structure, exercise and attention she needed to shine and find her new forever.

- Lynn, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

What our customers are saying

Hi Kelli,

Thanks so much for teaching the training class I took with Cooper!

When we started, I didn't "speak dog". I took the class to train me, more than I took the class to train Cooper. With your enthusiasm, kindness, and consistency, both Cooper and I passed the AKC Good Citizenship Class! And I gained the confidence to walk Cooper and his dog sister safely in crowded public areas. Our lives moving forward will be much more fulfilling and much more fun.

I know it was not an easy task for you to get us where we are. Your patience and experience made that happen. You listened, and had positive advice whenever I came to you with an issue. I especially like your hands on approach to training.

You expanded our horizons. We surely wouldn't be where we are today without you! I will enthusiastically recommend your services to others, and plan to take another class with you.

in your brand, your products, and/or your customer service.

Lil G.

What our customers are saying

Absolutely spectacular service!

Kelli came recommended by family friends. Her "Effective Pack Leader" program was critical to overcoming socialization issues that were preventing my dog from peacefully interacting with my parents (who are watching her while I go on deployment overseas) dog at their house. Before Kelli entered the picture, I was searching for a new home for my dog and heartbroken that I had to get rid of her, but a series of violent interactions between her and my mothers dog forced me to do so. Kelli came to the house and diagnosed personality issues such as "resource guarding" immediately and implemented training exercises and activities that overcame the existing difficulties, and today the two dogs not only interact peacefully, but play together and have since bonded. Our family has also used her "Pet Sitting" and "Dog Walking" services and all have been top notch. Kelli provides a great service that has made me and my family repeat customers. I highly recommend using Kelli and the Bully Brigade for your dog training needs

- Jack M

What our customers are saying

Kelli is a wonderful trainer to work with. She has helped numerous dogs that have come into my shop with training tips and solutions to problems such as pulling, and aggressive behavior. She uses positive reinforcement and educates her clients on of their dogs. She is also an advocate on animal rescue and takes the time to help dogs other trainers have given up on. I recommend her 110%. She is truly the best.

- Nancy, Dog Krazy